Makin' games with character.

Lucre Games is an interactive collective out of Sacramento, California, making games that are unusual experiences. We aim to balance fun with intrigue and mechanics with art.



Chill out with this soothing mobile game by coloring in the shapes. Tap the shapes to color them all. A great way to unwind or focus on something simple and beautiful.


Hold back the darkness that's taking over your town.

Recruit others in the cause. The more people you have fighting back, the stronger your message is. Appeal to your fellow humans to have them join the fight.


An addictive cyber-cellular cosmic petri-dish sound-wave blasting action art game.

Lost Ethereal

Save your dead family from the spirit world

Touchy Subjects

Step inside a politician simulator and experience the feeling of avoiding important political (and sometimes non political) issues, just like the pros!

Stay tuned.